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Entirely new to ltc mining, have some questions

I've done some poking around in tutorials and I have some questions, if anyone would care to answer them.
1 - Is this worth getting into still? I know with btc, it got to the point where the blocks were so hard to find that it really wasn't worth the investment. Are new blocks still being found quickly enough that I can still snatch me up some coins? How many months would it take me to get back my investment, do you think?
2 - This may be impossible to answer, but based on your experiences in your pool, how many ltc could I hope for with 250 kh/s? 1000?
3 - I've seen something about wattage meters to track your energy consumption. How important is that, and where would I get one, and which one do I want?
4 - What are the most popular video cards to use right now? Do I need to care about the motherboard or processor?
5 - What should I look for in a pool? The first one I tried had a bug in the registration, and the second one is down this morning. I finally got cudaminer working (I have an Nvidia video card in my home pc) and left it on overnight, and was not amused to see that it went down at some point and I haven't done any mining.
6 - Do y'all put windows on your mining rigs, or some linux variant? If the latter, which one?
7 - Would you recommend getting a nice video card for my home PC and just using that until I can sell some coins to buy more, or dropping the dough on a 4-card mining system now? This is sort of related to how many ltc people get per month, I guess.
Assuming anyone answers, thanks for the replies! Much appreciated.
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New here, I like what Vertcoin offers

After watching the bitcoin stuff over the last few years from a distance (and kicking myself for not getting involved), I've been delving into cryptocurrencies hard in the last few months- I even built a milkcrate mining rig using BAMT. I am going to point that at a vertcoin pool once I grab another USB stick. For now, I'm just using my main desktop's GPU, feeble and CUDA-based though it may be.
Vertcoin strikes me as one of very few alt-coins to offer something unique- a means to have a more even wealth distribution. I think the ASIC hammer will fall on the scrypt coins later this year, so it's nice to know there is a safe haven out there for individual miners without deep pockets.
The existence of an easy trading infrastructure means that there is room for a wide variety of currencies to be in circulation and I believe that Vertcoin will have a solid place among them.
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