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Adventures of WILD magic Mage

>Be me, Wild magic mage. Tried making an auto-play build where i have a 90% chance for my magic to go wild and i randomly cast either a spell or a ritual (D10 roll. If it lands on anything that isn't 10 i "Fail" if it lands on 10 i CRIT-FAIL MOTHER HUMPERS! i cast a 8 or higher level spell) I'm also blissfully ignorant to my magic-dysfunction. (Everything about me is compressed to write only the most interesting things. there was maybe 6 spells in between every spell i cast)
>DM stoked and made a "spinning wheel of luck" i spun every time my magic went wild.
>Half-orc Barbarian and accidental victim of strange spells. Has a movement speed of 100ft.
>Human mage and epic facepalmer whenever stuff i do go wrong. So basically my entire life.
>Invisible half-god and cleaner of my messes. Only intervenes if my spells turn REALLY bad. Or turn me in to a God... AGAIN. Only ever interacts if stuff i do get too stupid for the material world. I can see him, nobody else can. Appears in exactly one line of text in this story.

>First quest is to kill some ogres in a forest.
>As darkness falls upon the wooded forest we're in we decide to set up camp.
>I get campfire duty.
>Gather sticks, kindling, chop wood.
>I think our tinderbox is pretty boring so i try to use a VERY low powered fireball to light the fire.
>Party looks at me as i cast my spell. Wizard already facepalming at what's about to happen.
>Magic goes as wild as Walmart shoppers during Black Friday.
>A poisonous cloud fills the camp.
>Poisons everyone in the camp, Including the half-god that rolled a nat 1.
>10 minutes pass as the poison clears
>Get my ass beat by the Barbarian who failed 4 CON saves even though his CON stat is sky-high.
>Wizard is on campfire duty from now on.

>As punishment i get set on first-watch duty.
>I get a plan. I try to cast an unseen servant to stand guard for me.
>Suddenly a projected image of myself appears
>I look at myself "Huh, even better than i planned! Hey, me. Stand guard, if something unknown appears alert us"
>I go to sleep.
>Wizard who has 2nd watch wakes up.
>Goes outside to see me sitting on a stump by the campfire
>"Nice to see you haven't caused trouble"
>Projected image of myself turns around and says "Like i ever do! Good Night"
>As wizard is moving to trade places with the projected image it passes right through him.
>"WOAH THE F****" could be heard by the wizard. loud enough to wake up our Barbarian who comes bursting out of the tent.
>My projected image enters my own tent, passing right through the cloth entrance.
>Wizard and Barbarian both storm my tent, ripping the entrance open.
>See me spooning myself. sleeping blissfully.
>Wizard forces me to do 2nd watch with him.

>Noon breaks as we hear monstrous shouting deeper in the forest.
>Barbarian takes of in a dash speeding 200ft in 6 seconds. (Dashing consumes all actions but double movement speed)
>Wizard manages to throw a rope around him and me as we speed off in to the distance.
>Smash in to one of the ogres at full speed
>I get KO'd

>Wizard and Barbarian both tenderize the ogres as i spend most of my time hiding after the Wizard revived me.
>My projected image catches up with me. "Hey, me. What's goi'n on?"
>"Just hiding. Try to stay down, if i die both of us die"
>I look at myself
>"But i'm the original"
>Get in to an argument with myself about who is the original.
>after looting, the Wizard shows up to us arguing.
>I'm arguing with myself just as the wizard punches my projected image.
>Hand passes through. No resistance.
>Image realizes that he isn't the original, and that he will die as soon as the spell duration reaches it's end.
>Starts screaming, having a total mental breakdown. Begging us to find a way to keep him alive.
>Wizard dispels him
>"Your spells sure are annoying"

>Barbarian found an item that can temporarily double his speed once a day.
>Laughs in 300ft dash movement speed. (Previous boots gave him extra movement speed)
>Wizard found a shit-ton of gold.
>We need to return to the mayor of the village who gave us the quest.
>Realize our barbarian can carry us and run at 50 feet/s
>After a few quick CON stat checks to check if the Barbarian goes unconscious before reaching our location later.
>Mayor of the village is astounded that we managed to kill the ogres in such a short time.
>Gives us a house in the village and buys us a round of mead from the local tavern.

>We enter our house to relax and for the Wizard to use his magical magic to find us a quest.
>I'm eating grapes on a chair in front of the fireplace
>A grape falls and rolls under another chair
>Chair has those annoying gap-covers that make it impossible to find stuff that has fallen under them.
>Cast Unseen servant to retrieve my grape so i can eat it in peace.
>Barbarian watches this happen and goes wide-eyed
>I shoot off a firebolt in to the chair next to me
>It catches fire.
>I try to extinguish the fire with a gust of wind. as the Barbarian moves in to extinguish the fire.
>Nothing happens
>Barbarian finishes smashing out the fire.
>picks me up to kick me across the room
>I grab his hand to stop him throwing me.
>Barbarian's pupils expand.
>Releases me as he sits down an stares in to the void. never blinking
>He sees everything that will happen in the next 8 hours.
>He sees the Wizard die, some unholy god possessing him as an avatar of evil.
>Just as the Barbarian returns to being normal the Wizard enters
>"I just talked to a somewhat sketchy guy but i believe there are many things in it for us!"
>Barbarian explains what he has seen.
>Wizard believes him and we never do that quest.

>A long-ass time passes (I could not make the sessions due to work)
>We have a quest with the king to deliver an important item to another person that will give us an item the king needs.
>I hold the satchel and try to cast "teleport" to get it over with quick.
>Throne room wall gets a perfectly rectangular hole leading to the kitchen.
>Cooks get ROYALLY confused (har har har)

>King squints and says
>You need some practice my friend! Try again, after all practice makes perfect!
>Try to teleport again
>A piece of parchment appears
>King's mage tells me i can write anything on it and it will only be visible readable by anyone i choose.
>Write "Wizard is a dick"
>Show Barbarian
>Barbarian can't read.
>Make a picture of the wizard and a dick
>Takes the Barbarian a few minutes before he understands
>Laughs his ass off
>Wizard is angry at us for not showing him what's so funny.

>On the way to the King's friend we get attacked by huge pack wolves
>Barbarian manages to smash the alpha in to a fine pulp with a CRIT to the face.
>Wizard freezes multiple of them in place with a well placed ice-spell
>I try to cast a fireball to join in on the fun
>Wolves turn in to a tepee hut made of wolf-hide, wolf bones and wolf hair for string to keep it together.
>Team mates look at me in disbelief
>"Why cant your magic just be... normal?"
>I'm laughing my ass off.

>After speaking to king's friend and getting a strangely heavy sack of something we agree to teleport back.
>I want to try to teleport before Wizard does it for us
>Wizard agrees
>Barbarian prepares himself.
>Sparks of electric energy surge around my fingertips as a lightning bolt shoots out of my hand perfectly searing a nearby squirrel.
>Barbarian's mouth is watering.

>Wizard teleports us in to king's throne room
>King is getting served by a large number of exotic dancers
>Shouts at us to get away while covering himself
>I want in on this and i try to turn invisible
>I get covered in magic armor as we walk out of the throne room.
>Guards uneasy since i just summoned armor
>Wizard clarifies "This gal has some serious magic-problems, don't worry about it"
>I demonstrate that my magic is perfectly fine by making fireworks in the air above me
>Some sparkles happen as all the guards agree with me that my magic is indeed normal and that there is no problem with me using magical armor in the throne room.
>Huh, that worked well.

>After drinking us dumb at a tavern there is a karaoke competition.
>I get memories of my idol Sips the wild magic monkey.
>Do a half-decent job at singing and decide to end on doing some sparkles just like i did in front of the guards like my idol did in a story I've heard.
>Forgot what happened with Sips after that.
>Magic goes wild.
>A decorative skull starts singing along with me
>Totally smash the competition with my now permanent follower, The talking skull. (Begged DM to keep him)

>Wizard so amazed he buys a custom-made bag to hold the skull
>The bag of skulling.
>He also buys a bag of holding and a bag of colding.
>This way we can loot more and eat better food!
>Used up all our money in the process.
>We sleep away the night.
>I can't remember anything that happened the previous night.
>See a talking skull in a stylish bag next to me
>"HEY! Woman, i never got ya name! I usually ask women their names before sleeping with them!"
>Tell skull my name is "REDACTED"
>"WOAH, honey, that's a mouthful. How about i call you Cutey-pie?"
>Skull is a smooth talker. "Sure" i tell him.

>Enter king's throne room
>King excuses himself for the day before.
>Gives us a bonus on the quest to keep us quiet about it.
>Skull starts talking
>"Hey cutey-pie! something close here smells fucky"
>Wizard seems interested by this
>Secretly cast "Detect Magic" as king is distracted by the talking skull.
>King's clothing is magical. No surprises there
>Golden throne is magical
>Wizard whispers to me
>"Cause a distraction, nothing too big please"
>Everyone in the room starts dancing
>Wizard shouting at me while dancing
>King having a great time
>Guards dancing disco.
>Servants see the king dance and join in
>Entire staff, all guards and all people in the castle start dancing with the king
>Form a conga line.
>Spell wears off but people are still dancing. including king since they are having great fun.
>Wizard sneaks off.
>Checks the throne.
>Throne is cursed, causes a slow corruption of whomever sits on it.
>Wizard destroy the curse, golden throne turns in to stone.
>Wizard join the conga line again and parties on.

>King realizes the enchantment of his throne is gone
>Dang it! Call the royal Wizard! the throne stopped being shiny again!
>Wizard watches as the royal Wizard comes down.
>Sees him curse the throne again.
>Skull whispers to me "Oi, cutey-pie, see that? that dude is sketchy AF!"
>I try to dispel it.
>Wizard who has a plan tries to stop me
>Too late!
>Nothing happens
>I hear a booming voice, from everywhere at once.
>wait wut?
>I openly just say "If you could make that wizard stop being a dick, that would be nice"
>Royal wizard turns around to me
>"Did you say something you vile child?"
>Royal wizard's head explodes
>Everyone looks at me. I just commanded an unknown being to assassinate a royal wizard.
>Everyone is terrified.
>King shouts at guards to carefully arrest me.
>I need to get away
>Try to teleport away.
>A booming voice once again calls out
>Not another bitcoin
>"I wish that we weren't here"
>I appear in a small ice-covered village along with my friends.
>Realize that my magic may be a tiny bit unstable.

(For anyone wondering. This is the same character only re-worked since becoming a God, while fun became a bit too... God-like)
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Post Pull Depression - Summoner Wars

Hello and welcome to Post Pull Depression, the only thread that knows best Garnet is not long haired or short haired Garnet, but the Garnet that can’t talk.
Hey, it’s the two month delayed FF9 banner! Miracles can happen! That guy who does the banner guessing posts should be fired! At least that gave me plenty of time to replay FF9 since my reviews are the singular voice of this sub and you need to know what I think so you can think the same! Too bad I initially didn’t make it too far since it plays in 30 FPS. It only took about five minutes before I was profusely vomiting from 30 FPS sickness. Totally unplayable on PC, so I booted it up on the PS1 and since it doesn’t display FPS in the bottom left corner everything was fine! I was able to complete my 4th or 5th(?) playthrough!
FF9 is one of the few games that’s actually better played when you’re an adult. The themes of mortality, purpose in life, the amazing bond between Zidane and Vivi are all lost on bratty, angsty teenagers. Plus, there’s a peeing scene! What more can you ask for? Go replay it!
Now, before this gets delayed another 2 months, let’s take a look at the units!

Black Waltz 3Black Waltz 3 Lives Matter

Black Mage: Steroids
The Black Waltz are the early game bad guys who are sent to re-kidnap Garnet.
”I exist only to kill!”
Yeah, that’s the guy we should send to get the princess back. I see no problems here!
”I brought her back… in pieces…”
Presents Garnet’s severed head to Queen Brahm
Thus ends my FF9 guro fanfic. (Note: do not google image search guro at work, or at home, or anywhere really…)
Mist: LoL
Mist - Inflict poison and paralyze (100%) to all enemies
And we all know that the best PS1 rpg with mist is… Legend of Legaia! That game had fantastic fishing in it. We need a Legend of Legaia crossover! And a Legend of the River King one too! You all got your doggo, let me have a 5* river king flopping around Magikarp style. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a list, here’s the best JRPG fishing:
I just heard that Stardew Valley has good fishing. IS THIS TRUE!? I’ve never felt like playing “knockoff” Harvest Moon, but if the fishing is great, then I’ll do it. Also, I’m looking for a good cell phone fishing game (already tried A Girl Adrift) tell me if you know one. Also, tell me how I went from Black Waltz 3 to fishing, stream of consciousness is a crazy thing.
Black Impulse: +20% MAG & +25% Fire/Ice/Thunder Resist
For when your magic tank also needs to do magic damage! Let me do a little cross-referencing here… [units that benefit from MAG] intersect [units that benefit from element resist] = []. Oh, shoot it’s that damn empty set again...


A five star max unit is a slap in the face at this point in the game… is what I want to say. But let’s be real here… if Bee Dubs 3 could go to 6* would anyone use him? No. So let’s just pretend he’s a 3* max unit because no one will level him anyways to find out.


Comic: Relief
Every game needs its comic relief character! Oh wait that’s Quina… what the hell does Steiner do then? Or does that mean Quina is not a comic relief character? Maybe s/he is the entire point of FF9? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!
Steiner > Beatrix
When he was 23, he dueled with Alexandria's best swordsman, Beatrix, and won due to sheer luck.
Wow! I did not know that! Be grateful those of you who don’t pull Beatrix but get Steiner instead! Lucky you!
Skills: One
Oh! He has multiple skills that start with “Sword Art!”
Sword Art - Thunder Sword Physical damage (3x) to one enemy Decrease lightning resistance (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy
Sword Art - Stock Break Physical damage (2x) to all enemies Decrease DEF/SPR (40%) for 3 turns to all enemies
Sword Art - Shock Physical damage (2x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
Sweet! So I’m sure he learns W-Sword Art, right? Right? WRONG! Way to set the standard and then not follow it...
Excalibur II - 130 ATK Light Element Greatsword
Excalibur TWO? This needs some ‘splaining!
Oshiete TomAto-sensei!
Excalibur II is obtained by reaching the final dungeon of the game within 12 hrs! That’s right, you have to go all the way through the game super quick, oh and FMV times count which is closer to a full hour than not!
FF9 Excalibur I Stats:
It provides 77 Attack, its element is Holy, and teaches Climhazzard.
FF9 Excalibur II Stats:
It has an attack power of 108, its element is Holy, and teaches Minus Strike, Climhazzard, and Stock Break.
Totally worth ruining your entire playthrough for!
LB: Vivi
Flare Sword - Physical damage (4.7x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
I already posted this in Lowered Expectations aka Pre-Pull Depression, but here’s Steiner summoning Vivi in his LB. Figured I’d post it for you since no one will actually put Rusty in their party.
Regret: HIGH
Fuck you Beer Steiner for making me pull for you just to get 10 more ATK on my Orlandu. The only thing that could get me to lower this is if you had fantastic Yoshitaka Amano artwork, but I don’t see something that specific ever happen-- oh… ok that’s pretty badass. Fine. MEDIUM.

EikoProject Eiko

Loli: S
Finally this game is playable now that we have BS Sakura and Eiko. Soon Kid Rydia soon… We all know why Kid Rydia is more powerful than Adult Rydia. The Power of Loli! Please read that like the Power of Greyskull. Also, I’m counting this as my 80’s song for this PPD. Also, I will probably reuse this joke when I do the actual PPD for Kid Rydia’s banner.
Skills: Bit
Crypto Performance - Heal (1000 HP, 10x) to all allies Increase evocation gauge (1-3)
Really, cryptocurrency has to appear here too? What next? A special 5* guaranteed bitcoin summon?
TMR: Flute
Angel Flute - Harp 10 ATK, 48 MAG, 98 SPR, HP +10%
What other flute does she play? No! Not that you sickos! Jesus Christ she’s like 6 yrs old! I was talking about Golem’s Flute, Lamia’s Flute and Siren’s Flute. You people should be ashamed of yourselves!
Summon: Any
Summoner's Horn - Can summon Espers equipped by other allies
This horny little girl… goddammit I said stop that! She literally has a horn! Anyways, this girl WITH A HORN can summon any party member’s esper. Freeing up Bahamut for your damage dealers, or Carbuncle reflect shenanigans etc. Why goomie also gave this to 6* Garnet the day before they released Eiko is beyond me, but thank you!

Regret: LOW

Her 7* form pushes her more toward healing: AoE revive, HP Barriers and AoE MP regen. Combined with her previous kit that makes her an extremely viable healer. Sadly no reraise though. Oh and she’s a loli, so that pretty much gets her an automatic LOW at worst.

BeatrixBeatrix Did Nothing Everything Wrong

Earth Shrine: Hero
Finally we get a unit that’s custom made for the Earth Shrine! Is there any other character in FF history with more rat killing experience? #Burmecia #WarCriminal
Eye: Patch
Is Beatrix the one who started the whole girls with eyepatches thing? I am a man of many fetishes, but I have never gotten this one. I sorta get the bandaged girl thing which occasionally overlaps with eyepatches (Rei Ayanami) and the whole forbidden power eyepatch (Megumin aka best girl), but just straight up eyepatch? No thanks.
Seiken: Densetsu?
Seiken - Shock: Physical damage (2.65x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
I just saw Seiken! SEIKEN! Are we getting the Seiken Densetsu 3 collab? No? Don’t tell me seiken is just some super common anime term that means holy sword or something… oh it does… sigh… well at least unlike Rusty she can W-Seiken, right? Right? WRONG AGAIN! As long as DW doesn’t screw up her chaining I guess she’s… oh shit it does, doesn’t it? Hey goomie, if you fix her chaining in GL on her release, guess what? People will pull for her! It’s in all our best interests if you don’t release broken units!
Save the Queen - Greatsword +135 ATK, +25% LB Fill Rate, Resist Fire(30%)
Save the Queen, huh? How’d that work out for you Bea? I guess you and Agrias can go hang out with your failed swords. Maybe start a club? The “I Let My Queen Die And Now Have a Misnamed Sword” Club? We can work on the name...

Regret: MEDIUM (eventually LOW)

If it makes you Beatrix lovers feel better (weirdos) eventually Beatrix becomes great. Her enhancements fix her wonky chaining and her 7* form adds a ridiculous 4200% hybrid attack. Until then though just listen to this fantastic rendition of her theme. I think I may be allergic to this song as it makes my eyes water. Very weird how allergies work.

Post Pull Depression

Did I mention that FF9 is a very good game? Definitely grab the Steam port (unlike CT) and make sure to turn off the FPS counter (so you don’t get ill). I recommend playing with the boosters that max out your abilities as soon as you get the weapon for it (this gives you all Blue Magic immediately though…) and max out your gil too! Also, when you get sick of fighting just turn off random encounters! Oh, and when you’re close enough to the end just set all your character to level 99 and breeze right through it! I don’t know what impact this would have on a first playthrough, but it’s a godsend for the working man who has a stack of games to get through! Just be sure not to play too long or you’ll get cancer!
Don’t forget to check out ET’s full banner review here. Whoops wrong link, but too funny to change it. Here is the correct one. He dropped the letter ranking so now I have to read what he actually wrote before I go tell him how wrong he is in the comments. I don’t approve of this change… Hey Meme’s still posting on reddit too! Here’s his Eiko review. Most people give up by now! How long will he last? And in the eleventh hour the Beatrix review gets posted, so that too now gets the PPD bump.
And now I’ll leave--
You stand before the final dimension, and I am the darkness of eternity…
Huh? Oh shit, is that you Necron? What are you doing here?
All life bears death from birth. Life fears death, but lives only to die. It starts with anxiety. Anxiety becomes fear. Fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering... The only cure for this fear is total destruction.
Ok, first you can’t just randomly pop up at the end of things. Second, you stole part of that from Yoda.
...Now, the theory is undeniable. All things live to perish. At last, life has uncovered this truth. Now, it is time to end this world.
Yeah.. have you tried posting on im14andthisisdeep?
I exist for one purpose... To return everything back to the zero world, where there is no life and no crystal to give life. In a world of nothing, fear does not exist. This is the world that all life desires.
Yeah, yeah, whatever. See ya next banner!
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Vodou - A drunken inspection into what to expect.

Hey you guys! I've been seeing some stuff lately, like "Why Voodoo?" and "I didn't even know voodoo was real"!
Who is I? Why, I'm an ex-Smite player (I can't persuade myself to let easyanticheat be installed on my computer T_T), but when I WAS a Smite player, i really, really, REALLY loved the idea of vodou in Smite. And since quite a number of people are asking questions, here's why!

What is Voodoo?

Yes. It's real! it exists! It's...a product of slavery...oh...this got dark...
Let's talk about how Vodou came to exist real quick. So back in the day, black folk were imported to the Americas like tea to England, or Skyrim to every goddamn piece of technology with or without a screen. There was usually an appalling lack of consent inherent to this process. They were generally stripped of...well, everything. But there's one thing you can never strip from a man: Copious amounts of Student Debt His faith! And so along with the slaves, came religion from Africa. This faith, transplanted in the Caribbean and southern territories of the future United States, not only endured, but evolved. See, being a slave kinda screws with you just a wee bit. It makes you see things in different lights, one could assume. The religion that the slaves brought with them were battered at every angle by Christian ideals and doctrine, and this wormed its way into how the slaves behaved, and every aspect of their faith.
Vodou/Voodou (the classical term, that was changed to Voodoo when it became a mainstream taboo in American Culture) hence turned into a religion dominated by one classical "god", Bondye, and a vast array of lesser figures called Loa. These Loa are spirits; not quite godly, not quite demigods. Rather, aspects that came into being along with the main god, but are lesser to him in every way. In a sense, Loa are very similar to Valar from Tolkien's Middle Earth, who are in turn subservient to (but free-willed) Eru Illuvitar.
These Loa are responsible for many aspects of life, nature, and society, and respect to them is paid to keep life, nature, and society turning smoothly. Contact with these Loa is not just possible, it's an everyday fact of reality as they shape your life, and the life of all around you. However, Literal contact (speaking, seeing, invoking, etc.) is managed through ritual and not something you take lightly. Of course, this style of ritual is where a vast majority of pop culture Voodoo takes it inspiration from: flanderized and demonized to the point of being comical. While tools, figures, symbology, and body snippets human or otherwise do make up the bulk of ingredients necessary to perform these rituals, Vodou is not in and of itself nothing but this type of stuff.
Now that there's a bit of background on why Vodou exists, let's take a look at some more well known figures it's got going for it.

Gimme some Gods!

I already forgot they're really called Loa!
Baron Samedi, Loa of mediating death First up, there's the main man. The one we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he will be the first vodou figure in the game. This shit talking, womanzing, alcoholic, well dressed, skull faced piece of work himself. When you are sick, when you are wounded, when you are old, your very life hangs in a balance. And this rat bastard is the dude holding the scale. He determines when you live. He determines when you die. He sees all the dead. He helps the dead. Or he doesn't, depending on how he feels about you them. He's witty with a foul mouth to boot. He's got a wife, but that doesn't stop him from diversifying his portfolio. Why he became so popular in the first place, so overbearingly the face of all Voodoo to the entire world, is pretty crazy. But I didn't even need to list him, so let's move on to the next guy.
Bondye, God himself Well, this one's a little strange. See, we don't really have many figures in the game of this pedigree and relative importance tierlist. One could argue Vishnu, from the Hindu pantheon, compares to the centrality that Bondye holds...but Vishnu isn't in the game. Only two of his avatars. One could say Osiris and Zeus hold similar titles, but "kings of gods" is a bit different from "the one and only god, under whom serve countless spirits." Time will tell if such a figure is introduced into the game. I'm not banking on it.
Maman Brigitte, Loa of making sure your corpse is alright, sweety Holy shit, there are white loa? You bet your sweet ass there are! This surprisingly Irish-inspired Loa is married to Baron Samedi, and is sort of a collaborator in the death/drinking/shit-talking department. More often than not she protects graves. I actually would not expect to see her, at least not as an isolated character; Her role with Samedi is just too highly overlapping. However, an appearance or two in the Baron's kit could be an interesting surprise.
Damballah, The creator Loa Wait, the creator figure in't the main one? The hell? That's right, instead, you got yourself a snake! A really big, really long snake, that coiled itself up and pressure treated the world just right.. Our waters are his shed skin, and goddamn does he love to drink. His power to create and shape gave rise to not just land, but life, and with it intelligence. And so he's a smart boi. Still a snake, though.
Ogoun, Loa of metalwork. Oh, and rum This is one spicy meatball. He's like vulcan, except all the pitifulness has been transformed into pent-up rage, except without the pent-up part. He is the spirit of the warrior that says "To hell with the Geneva convention, let's try attaching rabid wolves to the ends of our ICBM's!". He is known for clearing da wey for civilization with a bushwakka because the mortals were too slow and hell, it's a special occasion! It's not every day he gets to whip out machete #3,772! He is Loa of all metal crafting, and he loves to see his metalcraft be used for fightin'. And yes, he is also Loa of rum. Brewing rum, to be specific.
Loko/Loco, Loa of plants and healing Loko (or Loco, if Loko is too close to Loki for your Liking.) is THE Loa of priests. His wife is THE Loa of priestesses. Together, they form a nice, neat pair. They are both similar to Agni, in that invoking them is an important step to holding out a Vodou ritual. He himself is a very important figure in the aspect of plants, and the healing aspect of nature. Both things revolve on his good will and efforts. You want a healer mage? You got a freaking healer mage. He is THE healer mage. The biggest. The yyyuuuugest.
Ayizan, Loa of commerce and markets What's this, another husband wife pair? She's wife to Loco, and together, they are integral to ritual rites, being patrons of priests and priestesses. Ayizan herself is a bit more different in aspect, however: she is integral also to the aspect of trade and bitcoin money! She actually DOESN'T drink, go figure!
Agaou, Loa of a very angry earth This dude is the aspect of the earth when it seems like it kinda just wants you to just...just die already. Lightning, thunder, earthquakes, tsunamis; shit a meteor could fall square on your dog and that's Agaou saying "I only miss once." He's essentially the spirit that Bondye hands all his contract killings out to, and he very seriously calls himself "God's Gunner". By the way, probably shoulda mentioned this before, but most all Loa can possess people to get work done in the mortal realm. Being possessed by Agaou is essentially the same as having a neverending grand mal seizure, and when he leaves your body there's a pretty good chance you're gonna die.
Erzulie (Fréda Dahomey), Loa of Beauty, Glamor, and Don't talk to me or my son ever again Erzulie is actually a class of Loa. There are a few classes of Loa, just like in Hinduism there are Devas and Asuras to denote classes of powerful figures. But Fréda Dahomey is basically THE Erzulie, so much so you can probably just call her Erzulie. She is glamour and feminism incarnate. She is also the Loa of This Haircut. She's got husbands for days, and she'll flirt with pretty much anything that walks, talks, and has a hot italian sausage swingin' between its legs. However, If it's feminine (including gay men), she's pretty much top bitch. Not in a mean way, more like in an overbearing "I shall break thine dick off if you look at a female for 5.26 uninterrupted seconds" type way.
Papa Legba, Loa of crossroads Papa Legba is the alpha and omega when it comes to the game of Let's Talk to Some Loa. You cannot start the ritual without him. You cannot end the ritual without him. He is the one who stands in the middle of the world of mortals and the spirit realm, the crossroads, if you will. Through him, mortals can contact Loa, and vice versa. As a gatekeeper, there's not a whole lot more to him other than "yep, he drinks and he's horny", but hey, they made Ah Muzen Cab, didn't they?
Grand Bois, Loa of the wilderness Grand Bois is Loa of the wild aspect of nature. He's often thought of as the start of the cycle of life: the primordial broth from which nature matures into man. His aspect is more specialized on the elemental parts of nature, the dense trees and bush that choke and strangle light and passage through sheer mass and vigor. Grand Bois gives 0 fucks about you as an individual; nature WILL persevere.

Hey, There's More!

But it's 12:30 and I'm tired.
There's a ton more Loa, but that's just a sampling of a lot of big names with lot of history to them. Many other Loa aren't very well documented on purpose or appearance, but I think the fairly decent amount posted above could field a pretty neat roster of figures for the pantheon in Smite. And if you're interested in it for yourself, awesome! I think that means I did a good job. Ekoz Outie.
submitted by _Ekoz_ to Smite [link] [comments]

Medieval Doctor Simulator [Skyrim Mod]

Anyone with skills up for creating this? Some brief starting thoughts below. I'm curious what great ideas others have.
Additional Info
starting point for graphics:

Medieval Doctor is BOLD

Medieval Doctor is POWERFUL

Medieval Doctor is SNEAKY

Medieval Doctor is SMART

Medieval Doctor WINS AT ALL COSTS

submitted by bioluminous to medievaldoctor [link] [comments]

I have sent this modmail to the admins regarding /r/bitcoin. Now we wait..

The mods on /bitcoin are very corrupt. They are being paid by a private company called Blockstream. The censorship is freaking abysmal.
Summary: Theymos, the main mod of Bitcoin and owner of accepted over 6,000 BTC (Currently worth 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS) in donations over the years, as a supposed fund for improving bitcointalk. The forum was never improved, in fact it was hacked, and he even ran ads for obvious scams like BFL, because apparently 6k BTC isn't enough. Now, like 4 or 5 years later, he started laundering the coins (because people started to wake up and he needs to make the coins disappear) by paying some "software company" this ridiculous amount to build a custom forum (Really? Why not just use one of the several robust open source options out there?). Turns out all the developers from this "company" are college kids (all from Hawaii, probably his friends since he's in college too) with no real experience in web development, and yet each of them will be paid more than Gavin. On top of that, Theymos bought the Bitcoin wiki straight from Mark Karpeles, because he wants to control all of our channels of communication. Tons of noobs have had their coins stolen with links posted in that wiki. At some point he also assigned StarMaged as a mod (his personal hound, who had never used reddit before that), who has threatened many times with banning me for "saying lies" (lol, but trolls can shit freely all over the place, and they love him). Then he ended up banning me under some lame unrelated excuse, and removed lots of the things I posted .
These are just a few off the top my head
Lead moderator talking about censorship
72,000 character ~70 kb CSS rule to change the way voting appears
Mods censor the number 398364 (first bitcoin classic block mined)
Mod team removes post regarding a block mined with Bitcoin Classic software
two identical posts with wildly different votes
Also look at this post on bitcoin front page now
The default sort order is controversial and all the downvoted below threshold comments are expanded. (Look at the + besides the expanded comment).. THIS IS CLEARLY VOTE MANIPULATION.
OTHER STUFF theymos and his gang is doing as collected by themoneyguy :
We have tried to create alternate subreddits eg. (/btc and /bitcoin_uncensored but this is clearly against the rules. Almost the whole community wants removal of Theymos and his mod team. Please look into it.
Thank you very much.
We'll see what happens.
EDITED a correction where I accidentally wrote 25 million dollars instead of 2.5. Sent the correction to the admins also.
submitted by Devam13 to btc [link] [comments]

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    3. Are there any Legacy or Vintage playables that you're expecting in Eternal Masters simply because they could lead to good limited play? (34 points, 130 comments)
    4. [MTGO] Has anyone been keeping track of the actual value they get from Treasure Chests? Here are my limited results so far. (30 points, 40 comments)
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    1. Spec Report - Checklands (218 points, 65 comments)
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    1. Friendly Reminder: This is Why We Don't Pre-order. :) (171 points, 70 comments)
    2. Eidolon of the great Revel beginning to spike (31 points, 53 comments)
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    1. Store Attempts to Manipulate PucaTrade EMA Prices for Profit; Gets Banned (93 points, 62 comments)
    2. Why do land prices go up? (Discussion/rant about mtgfinance) (59 points, 70 comments)
    3. TCGPlayer buyer asserts that KTK fetches he bought are fake - how to handle? (46 points, 64 comments)
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    1. When your specs don't pan out. (194 points, 84 comments)
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    1. TCGplayer Official Announcement - Our Response to Buyouts (193 points, 57 comments)
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    1. In two months, MM 2017 Box EV will be below $140 (88 points, 124 comments)
    2. Contrarian viewpoint: Spike-decline behavior are a sign of a healthy Magic Finance market (36 points, 45 comments)
    3. How many unopened boxes of english legends exist? antiquities? arabian nights? unlimited? beta? alpha? (34 points, 20 comments)
    4. How can i find a sealed Arabian nights booster box? (28 points, 33 comments)
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    1. This feeling ... (186 points, 336 comments)
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    1. Guru lands will reach their peak price monday 8/21. MARK MY WORDS (119 points, 18 comments)
    2. [SPIKE] Thrasios, Triton Hero (34 points, 25 comments)
    3. Aetherworks marvel nearly gone on tcgplayer (29 points, 20 comments)
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    1. SCG has been vacuuming reserved items on MCM (126 points, 136 comments)
    2. [Spec] Nahiri, the Harbinger (47 points, 53 comments)
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    1. No surprise, no RL cards to be in Iconic Masters (101 points, 160 comments)
    2. Modern Event deck and what does it mean for Modern staples? (47 points, 57 comments)
    3. Edric's potential and Legacy's metagame. (24 points, 27 comments)
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    1. Relieved my local GameStop of $16 worth of boosters, check your's too (171 points, 126 comments)
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    1. Can we just not... (164 points, 216 comments)
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    2. Quillspike? More like Quillspiked! (40 points, 33 comments)
    3. Financial Flotation-Effect Matrix (37 points, 30 comments)

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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 550 - Weekly Wrapup #72

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
This was your week in Dogecoin:
This Week’s oWaWs
Top Images/Memes of the Week
Other Dogecoin Communities
Dogecoin Attractions – Neat or interesting things to check out/ Take part in this Week
Other Interesting Stuff
Did I miss anything? Do you have a Dogecoin community you want featured? Let me know!
All of these places are seeds. Their potential is infinite. You do not have to ‘Leave’ Reddit in order to help build up these other communities.
But take part in them. Take part in one of them. Make it your own.
Each of these different communities offer Shibes different options, different speeds, different conversations.
What will you do there? What will you build there?
It’s 8:26AM EST and Sunday is FunDay, right? Right?. Our Global Hashrate is holding strong at ~1590 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is up from ~18716 to ~20769.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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Treachery of the Bitcoin Image - With Roger Ver of Bitcoin! The Of Forex Bitcoin Images, Stock Photos & Vectors ... Excitement About 100+ Best bitcoin invest plus images ... Forex Bitcoin Images, Stock Photos & Vectors ... Setting Up A BitCoin Full Node Using Rokos Image On A ...

Say thanks to the image author $ Donate. Crediting isn’t required, but linking back is greatly appreciated and allows image authors to gain exposure. You can use the following text: Image by VIN JD from Pixabay Download the perfect bitcoin pictures. Find over 96 of the best free bitcoin images. Free for commercial use No attribution required Copyright-free Hodl-Kultur von Bitcoin trotz schlechtem Image. Mick Morucci schrieb auf Twitter und Medium einen Artikel über die Hodl-Kultur. Er nennt diese Kultur den besten Beweis dafür, dass die Kritiker von Bitcoin im Unrecht sind. 2/ The Hodl culture not only has a basic understanding of Bitcoin, but coded inside its DNA are philosophical beliefs of btc as hard money, self-sovereignty, safety ... 688 Imagens gratuitas de Bitcoin. 418 376 60. Bitcoin Criptomoeda. 164 164 27. Bitcoin Moeda. 140 135 24. Bitcoin Criptomoeda. 160 143 25. Bitcoin Btc Criptomoeda. 103 110 12. Bitcoin Dinheiro. 94 82 14. Bitcoin Cripto-Moeda. 85 68 13. Bitcoin Blockchain. 240 349 18. Matriz Tecnologia Dados. 60 64 8. Criptomoeda Bitcoin. 9 9 0. Bitcoin Cripto-Moeda. 58 50 7. Moeda Cripto Bitcoin. 56 34 45 ... Bitcoin. Image of a Bitcoin on a black background. Bitcoin and pile of ram memory. Bitcoin and pile of computer random access memory cards. Single Bitcoin coin standing on top of other gold coins. MORGANTOWN, WV - 13 JUNE 2018: Macro image of bitcoin cybercurrency coin standing on top of a stack of. Golden Bitcoin Coin and Gold Bars. Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Business concept . Bitcoin ...

[index] [9240] [32457] [43800] [42093] [21021] [50869] [29898] [17056] [39285] [15676]

Treachery of the Bitcoin Image - With Roger Ver of Bitcoin! Sign up Now What Does 100+ Best bitcoin invest plus images - bitcoin, startup Mean?, bitcoininvest Goldco helps customers protect ... ===== For More Information Click The Link To My Website =====... Get More Info Now Excitement About 100+ Best bitcoin invest plus images - bitcoin, startup, bitcoininvest Goldco aids customers pr... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue